Fresh Install using ISO failed

So trying to do a fresh install it keeps failing about 93 percent into select software and install not sure what is happening

Aleks and the other wizards here need more than that to go on. Follow the template.

Specs of system? is it VPS?
Screenshot or log of the failure?


I will try to get screen captures tomorrow Iā€™m running this on a old amd desktop with 6gb ram at home.

Also where are the logs stored?

maybe try:
sudo journalctl

or try looking in /var/log/

cat /var/log/syslog

I am having the same issue

It is a problem with slapd, it cannot start the process when it perform install yunohost

i noticed if i did text based install it had issues around the 93 or 94 percent mark is that the same for you?

it appears slapd is the issue for me as well ā€¦ i wonder what the fix will be to allow us to get this installed

ok tried yunohost-buster-4.1.6-amd64-stable.iso and issue remains with that older build too so im stumped

In the end, I installed debian separately then installed yunohost from curl to get it working

I think the CI process is producing a bad build of debian in the latest releases


thats what i am currently doing, I JUST WANT YUNOHOST ACTIVE LOL

ok so installing ontop of debian works everything is great but my isp is blocking port 25 and port 5269it appears going to need to figure out how to redirect that

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