Fresh install problem with Grub

Hello, half day I try to install YunoHost on my NUC. I boot from usb last iso. Installation graphic, recommended, choice my 265GB disk, installation was fine but when reboot after installation can not boot on system, its write Reboot and select proper Boot device or insert boot media. I am not so much expert but think that is problem to find grub. Please so much if somebody have idea how I can install and use YunoHost. In Bios I have all settings fine / no security boot … / Thank you !


Is it better if you try to install Debian amd64 mini and run installation script ? or Ventoy


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Hello ppr, thank you for fast help, but is the same. Also, in install mini , its not wifi driver for me NUC, ask for flopy disk, so I move my 10kg monitor to router to take network / not have long cable / Its problem with Debian and with me. With ubuntu server all its fine, so I will try another solution. Regards.

So maybe you can try this :

from :


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