Fresh install of Yunohost with older backup of Nextcloud: Upgrade issues later?


I stayed with Jessie/Yunohost2.x too long and could not upgrade. So I made a fresh install of Stretch/Yunohost3.5.2.2. I installed Nextcloud (15.0.5~ynh3).

I then proceeded to restore my backup which not only restored all my data and database files, but also the Nextcloud app itself. The result is the Yunohost admin/Applications/Nextcloud page shows 15.0.5 but the user interface loads up Nextcloud 13.0.6.

Is that going to cause me a problem upgrading??? I don’t see a way in Nextcloud itself (I didn’t look hard) to upgrade the app. Is there a way in Yunohost to force an upgrade? I’m not in a hurry, but I would rather deal with it sooner rather than later…

Thanks for any insight you may have.


Did more work on this. Uninstalled Nextcloud. Reinstalled Nextcloud. Copied config file backup and restored backup database. Ran upgrade utility. Seemed to mostly work.

Then I ran into a problem with the files not working which I tracked down to redis. Reinstalled. Seems to work now. Not 100% confident everything is working, but at first glance it seems to be. I’ll report back if I have further difficulty.


I don’t understand how do you restore your backup ?

With “yunohost backup restore” or not ?

Have you 2 nextcloud installed now ?

Your issue might end with the next upgrade of nextcloud application, it depends of what you do exactly.

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