Forum software: error "Sorry, new users can only put 5 links in a post" - I don't have any links


I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I’m having problems entering a new support topic. When I click on “Create topic” I get the error message “Sorry, new users can only put 5 links in a post.” I have three URLs - two referring to and one to an external site which is relevant to the problem description. I do have a lot of “/” characters which perhaps the site is interpreting as part of a URL. I’ve tried surrounding those with spaces and removing the “https” from the URLs, but at the moment I can’t find a way to upload the support request. This is using both the Safari and Firefox browsers.

Your question isn’t really clear.
Which software are you talking about ? In what context ?


I’m talking about this web site. I can’t enter a support request. The issue appears to be that because it contains “/” characters for file paths and LDAP entries, it wrongly assumes that I have a load of URLs. For some reason the web site is set up to reject this.

Use a backtick (`) before and after code and paths. Or three of them in a line above and below to display a code block:

single path/

Is some

Thanks, I should have thought to try that. In the mean time, the issue I was going to ask help with has disappeared with the latest upgrade.

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