[forgejo] test admin access

Hello community,
I’ve just push a new version of forgejo app in testing branch. This is a quite important improvement in that it allows to access forgejo admin pages based on yunohost groups. A yonuhost user having «forgejo (admin)» permission should now see the «Site Administration» menu entry.

Is there some people who can test this feature ?

  • installation from scratch
  • upgrade

Please be aware there still is some shortcomings : when a user is added to a yunohost group (the one with the «forgejo (admin)» permission), it is not automatically reported to forgejo. You have to update a yunohost user (even without modification) to force synchronization (Hook when a user is added in a group and Hook for adding user in group · Issue #2213 · YunoHost/issues · GitHub)

Thanks for your help !

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