[Forgejo] SSH access lost after upgrade to 1.21.8-0~ynh1

A bug has been introduced in Forgejo package 1.21.8-0~ynh1. After upgrading to this version, you won’t be able to access your git repositories using SSH.

Upgrading from 1.21.8-0~ynh1 to 1.21.8-0~ynh2 (and further versions) won’t resolve the problem.

If you never installed the buggy version (i.e. upgrade from 1.21.7-0~ynh1 to 1.21.8-0~ynh2), you’re fine, don’t take care of this post.

In order to correct this issue, please type the following commands as root on your YunoHost server :

cd /var/www/forgejo
sudo -u forgejo ./forgejo admin regenerate keys

It will recreate the missing file /var/www/forgejo/.ssh/authorized_keys.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Emmanuel Averty (YunoHost Forgejo package maintainer)


Hello, and thank you for the warning!

If you want to make sure users see this information, you can also use the notifications system with a doc/POST_UPGRADE.md file: Adding documentation to your app | Yunohost Documentation

However, I may be wrong but it does not look like it would hurt to apply this command upon every upgrade, sparing users from needing to run it.

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