[forgejo] app level

Hi everyone !
I’m sorry to ask, but I didn’t find out the answer anywhere.

I’ve recently published a package for application forgejo : GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/forgejo_ynh: Forgejo package for YUnoHost

I’ve run the tests for my last PR, and it seems to be fine : it reaches level 7 :partying_face:

The package has been added to apps.json (thanks to @ericg and @oufmilo) but the level on Catalogue d'applications | Yunohost Documentation is still «broken».
I’ve read somewhere that levels are automatically updated every Friday.

Did I miss something ?
Thank you for your help.

That’s probably because the official CI is lagging behind and has a shitload of test in the queue because it was down for a few days/weeks (not sure exactly what happened, clearly the server was down for a few days but i think it was also somehow not running properly previously?)

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OK thank you.
Just wait and see.