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Focalboard is a project management tool that helps define, organize, track and manage work across teams, using a familiar kanban board view.

Shipped version: 0.8.0~ynh1


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Looks Good! Thanks for the share!

If you wish to share your boards publically as described in the User’s Guide, you’ll need to manually enabled the enablePublicSharedBoards setting in the app’s config.json file.

You can do this via the console by logging in and editing /opt/yunohost/focalboard/config.json thusly:

    "serverRoot": "",
    "port": 8095,
    "session_refresh_time": 18000,
    "enablePublicSharedBoards": true,   // <--- Add this config variable
    "localOnly": false

This is documented in mattermost/focalboard PR: #3441 which, although merged, doesn’t seem to have updated the Administrator’s Guide web page.

:warning: Note: you will have to update the config.json file each time you upgrade focalboard

This config variable can either be set to true by default in the YunoHost-Apps/focalboard_ynh repo, or otherwise can be made configurable via the admin panel in Yunohost (by creating an entry in the manifest, perhaps? I’m not sure).

In order to add configuration to the Yunohost admin panel, it seems like you create a config_panel.toml file in the app repo, as per this guide.

@Thomascountz feel free to make a PR proposal to the package, in order to add a config panel :slight_smile:


I have added config panels for the Enable publishing boards for public access option.
You can try with

sudo yunohost app upgrade focalboard -u https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/focalboard_ynh/tree/Add-config-panel

Let me know if you find other relevant option to include in the config panels.


Wow! That was fast! Thank you, @ericg!

Here is the list of all configuration. I wanted to share because most of it is not documented.

I don’t see anything else particularly interesting to expose in the config panel at this time.