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Flarum package has been updated! :slight_smile:


  • Stretch/PHP7 support (NB: PHP7 does not like # as comment markers)
  • “Trailing slash vs. location vs. alias” drama in Nginx is fixed.

Testing branch has just been created, with two features to test:

  • Testing branch, 2018-08-17
    • php-fpm.ini has been added, to try to address the timeouts some users have experienced (issues #74 and #77)
    • change_url script has been added. In addition to the default alterations it makes, the script addresses the Nginx location/alias bug and changes the config.php.

Master branch has been updated! Now I think the app is packaged well enough to support the next updates of Flarum, including the next class-breaking one that will require a huge update to the SSOwat extension.

  • Master branch status as of 2018-09-13
    • SSOwat extension has been updated to version 0.6:
      • JS dependencies have been updated
      • file clean up (compilation script was being sent to the repo)
      • User signing up into Flarum from SSOwat is now correctly handled
    • Enhancement: Versions of the extension and Flarum to be installed are now stored in _common.sh. Scripts have been updated accordingly.
    • Fixed: Bazaar extension was being installed whatever the user chose.
  • PR to be discussed: Add issue template. The app does not have a huge audience, but I think an issue template to guide the user should be offered in every app, or organization-wide.
  • YEPs: according to the Project, all the boxes are either ticked or N/A. (except 1.11: adding to the bugtracker). Waiting for the CI to programatically confirm its level.

A new testing PR is available!

  • testing branch status as of 2018-11-11, PR #110:
    • :printer: Use the ynh_print_* helpers
    • :bug: Security upgrade to Flarum version 0.1.0-beta.7.2
      • The upgrade requires to manually enter the database password in the admin afterwards. I managed to avoid that, with a twist. See the PR.
    • :bug: I came accross some bugs and overlooks while testing the upgrade script. It should be fine now.

After a few (cough) months during which this package was left unattended… A new testing PR is available!

  • testing branch status as of 2019-08-25:
    • Overhaul of the package and its SSOwat companion extension to be compatible with Flarum beta.8+
    • Flarum beta.9 is shipped with the package.
    • (fixed with last commit) The experimental helpers to install php7.3 did not work in my testing environment (the dependencies package wants to remove itself during installation). Meanwhile, a plain apt install php7.3 ... is used. Install with caution.
    • Upgrade script is working.

Remarks, reviews, fixes shall go into PR #118: Upgrade to v0.1.0-beta.9.
Testers needed!


Master branch has been updated:

  • Master branch status as of 2019-09-15
    • The app packages Flarum beta.9.1 :partying_face:
    • SSOwat extension has been updated to support this version :closed_lock_with_key:
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Oh, I forgot to update here.

  • Master branch status as of 2019-09-30
    • The app packages Flarum beta.10 :partying_face:

:warning: I have one user having an issue that I cannot replicate (and the logs are unhelpful). Can someone test the app?

test install of flarum on up to date yunohost OK for:

  • install at the root of a subdomain
  • path: /
  • public? no
  • bazaar? no
  • language? fr
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Hi and thanks for your work.

I opened a bug report, we can discuss it wherever you find most practical :slight_smile:

It’s also buggy or not fully up-to-date, by the CI tools of yunohost : https://dash.yunohost.org/appci/app/flarum

Let’s discuss in the issue on Github. :wink:

Regarding the CIs:

  • Stable (x86) is the one commonly used, and is OK
  • Stable (ARM) is not tested, and I don’t know how to have it tested. The app works well on my Raspberry Pi though. :wink:
  • Testing (x86) had been stopped for quite a while, but it seems to be running again. The app will be tested at some point.
  • Unstable (x86) is for the next version of Yunohost, which introduces, amongst other things, a new access control feature. It’s a good thing to point it out to me, I will prepare the app for it.

I couldn’t get flarum installed on my PHP web hosting server. After installing Flarum through Composer I am getting 500 server error.


with your wording, it looks like you directly installed Flarum with Composer, not through YunoHost?

Assuming you used YunoHost to install it:

  • If you have a Github account, please open an issue there.
  • I will need your installation, NGINX, and PHP-FPM logs to understand what is happening.

Hello, so far so good with the Flarum package , I did not installed “bazaar” and wishes to add some extensions (like replacing links with images).
Should i install the extension from Flarum forum (https://github.com/s9e/flarum-ext-autoimage) , install Bazaar anyway (how to do this other some already installed application) ?



Bazaar is merely an helper extension, without it you can still install extensions. To do so, assuming that you have only one instance of flarum (change app=... with the app id otherwise):

cd /var/www/$app
sudo -u $app php7.3 composer.phar require s9e/flarum-ext-autoimage

Then log in the administration panel and activate the extension.

Note to self: maybe adding an action helper to do this in YNH’s admin panel would be nice.

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Below the results

Using version ^1.1 for s9e/flarum-ext-autoimage
./composer.json has been updated
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
Package operations: 1 install, 0 updates, 0 removals

  • Installing s9e/flarum-ext-autoimage (1.1.0): Downloading (100%)
    Package milescellar/flarum-ext-french is abandoned, you should avoid using it. Use milescellar/lang-french instead.
    Package s9e/flarum-ext-autoimage is abandoned, you should avoid using it. Use fof/formatting instead.
    Writing lock file
    Generating autoload files
    Carbon 1 is deprecated, see how to migrate to Carbon 2.
    You can run ‘./vendor/bin/upgrade-carbon’ to get help in updating carbon and other frameworks and libraries that depend on it.

Should i update “carbon 1” as proposed ? and i will try to find another option to easly intergate images and video in the posts (tha t was the purpose with et-autoimage)

i installed fof/formating instead seems to work, still with Carbon1 error (i’m a bit concern about doing it there are issue in flarum forum about this update)

Glad to know it has worked. :slight_smile:
Regarding Carbon, this is Flarum’s matter, not this package’s, albeit not an big issue. :wink:

Master branch has been updated:

  • Master branch status as of 2019-11-30
    • :arrow_heading_up: Flarum has been upgraded to beta.11. Changelog
    • :page_facing_up: README now has a warning regarding third-party extensions removal upon upgrading, and a how-to install those extensions.
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Master branch has been updated:

  • Master branch status as of 2020-03-18
    • :arrow_heading_up: Flarum has been upgraded to beta.12. Changelog
    • SSOwat extension has also been upgraded to fit with the last deprecations and new middleware injection methods.

Enjoy! :partying_face:

Update works perfectly,

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