[FIXED] After an upgrade to Owncloud 8.2.0 - how to rebuild the files index?


My server has upgraded yesterday Owncloud to v8.2.0

Everything went fine except that the symbolic link that was existing, from “/home/userName” to “/home/yunohost.app/owncloud/data/userName/files/Home/” was erased.

I re-create that link (logged as “owncloud”, placed in “/home/yunohost.app/owncloud/data/userName/files”:

ln -s /home/userName Home

Now, owncloud is showing me that “Home” folder via the sync client or via the web interface but also files that are no more existing. And the displayed “Home” is not containing all the stuff it should (folders & files are missing in that view).

Actually, there is a de-synchronization beetween the files in the hard drive and the owncloud web interface.

The Owncloud log shows many lines like:

Error	files_external	Could not parse mount point "//files/Home"	2015-11-20T10:58:43+00:00
Error	PHP	Undefined index: You don’t have permission to upload or create files here at /var/www/owncloud/lib/private/l10n/string.php#70	2015-11-20T10:58:32+00:00

Obviously, there is an Owncloud files indexation issue. Any idea to fix that ?

So, you (I also!) should never modify the owncloud files on the server side, directly. It shall be done only using webdav, the sync client or via the web interface.

Nevertheless, to rescan the owncloud files, run the following command on the yunohost server (replace “userName” by the user name):

/var/www/owncloud/sudo -u owncloud php occ files:scan userName