Filebrowser et les autres dossier

Bonjour a tous.

En cherchant une alternative a Nextcloud, je suis tombé sur filebrowser. Leger et simple.
MAIS je ne trouve pas comment mettre le chemin vers d’autre dossier que celui de l’installation.
Je veux dire… j’ai des HDD monté, et je ne sais pas comment faire pour y acceder.

Pourriez vous m’aider?



the readme will help you GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/filebrowser_ynh: FileBrowser package for YunoHost

OHHHHH!!! sooo happy the answer was just front of me!!! :slight_smile: i did itttttt!!! wowowww…!!!
sorry but after many hours for find this solution so simple… thank you again for your help!

@jonathanbse so how did you do it. I too would like user to log in and see their own directories and files.
Thanks for the help


i forget… i will try remember… :slight_smile: