Fighting with Funkwhale

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Description of my issue

I’m debugging this in a few places, but have filed this GitHub issue where I’m working on a solution.

  1. Funkwhale shows tht I’m logged in, but I get various permission errors accessing API endpoints in the logs. It’s as if the SSO/front-end and the back-end disagree as to whether I’m authenticated.
  2. I’m seeing this in the logs a lot:
Feb 16 16:00:40 gunicorn[11777]: 2022-02-16 16:00:40,564 django_auth_ldap WARNING uid=nolan,ou=users,dc=yunohost,dc=org does not have a value for the attribute "uid"}

It’s odd to me that it’s showing the uid right there in the DN, but claims that the attribute doesn’t exist. I’m not super familiar with LDAP so maybe there’s something I’m missing?

I poked the server a bit with phpldapadmin and ldapsearch. Unless I’m mistaken, the uid attribute is in fact there. It also seems as if I can query it anonymously.

The relevant Funkwhale YNH configuration seems to be here. I’m running from the testing branch, but experienced similar errors on stable. [Here are Funkwhale]s LDAP docs](LDAP configuration — funkwhale 1.2.2 documentation).

Any other thoughts on how to debug this? I tried commenting out the search filter but that made no difference, unless the config mechanism has changed.


OK, so I figured out part of this. The environment syntax for the user mapping changed, so I submitted this PR. Now the LDAP errors seem to be gone.

But I’m still unable to subscribe to podcasts. I get “This object cannot be retrieved” when entering multiple, working URLs in the podcast subscription dialog.

Any idea where I can track down logs for why this might fail? Not seeing anything in funkwhale-server/funkwhale-worker logs. I don’t suppose there’s a manifest setting/permission that needs to be tweaked for outbound network access?


OK, more progress. I wanted to figure out where this error was coming from, so I grabbed the source and grepped. Turns out the front-end requests the podcast URL directly from the browser, then presumably subscribes to some value from that.

My assumption is that the podcast URLs are probably fine, but there are a bunch of headers in the Nginx config. Are any of them responsible for preventing my browser from directly requesting the podcast feed? Again, given that this happens with multiple large feeds, I’d be stunned if the headers on the remote servers hosting the feeds are misconfigured.


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