Feeds for Folders in FreshRSS

My YunoHost server

Old laptop / [YunoHost] 11.1.1 / I have access via SSH and keyboard

Description of my issue

FreshRSS provides feeds for folders. For example, if I click on a folder, I can look in my address bar and see that the browser has detected that the link offers RSS. That URL ends up being something like:


I click on it, and can see the feed. The only issue is, I have to be logged in order to access it.

What I want to do is have WordPress snag one of my folder’s feeds and present it. It’s all worked out except that the feed cannot be accessed by anything other than the person who is logged in.

Is this is a YunoHost issue? I don’t know; I don’t have another instance of FreshRSS on another system to try this out on. It could be that FreshRSS doesn’t allow it, for some reason, but it wouldn’t make sense to subscribe to your folder’s feed in the same instance of FreshRSS, Would it? So, I somewhat have to assume it’s YunoHost.

You mean a folder of feeds in FreshRSS generates its own RSS feed ? :astonished:

Yes! It’s a feature.

Wow. I’m amazed !

Can you give me an example of such a feed URL ? (you can remove the domain name, I need the end of the URL)

I posted one, but here’ s another:


Oh yeah I understand now, it’s the a=rss parameter instead of a=normal.
The thing is, is your FreshRSS is private, we can whitelist some URL in Yunohost to allow public access… but I’m unsure and don’t think we can do it for such specific cases where it’s not the URL but a parameter that changes it.

Can I whitelist one? It would make no sense to do it on the YunoHost end for a such a specific case, but it would be ideal for me to be able to designate an URL as being public.

I mean on your Yunohost you can give a permission to visitors (everyone without an account) to some link. But as it is the root URL of FreshRSS, that means FreshRSS will be accessible to everyone.
This would still be protected by login&password, but less safe (one can try to brute force it) and the app will be directly accessible (if it as one security breach, you’re screwed).

What’s weird is FreshRSS has “Visitors” permissions, along with like 10 other apps. It did that with no input from me. I guess it’s so that other clients, like the ones on my phone, are able to access them.

It’s only for the API endpoints.

So essentially there is no way to do it? How would I expose it to the web via permissions if I wanted to?

You could add visitors permission for the whole domain.tdl/freshrss/ base.
With the caveats described above.

I thought up another way to accomplish what I wanted to do, so I’m stll secure :smile: Thanks though!

And what is it ? :slight_smile:

Is it based on OPML export of the folder?
Assuming the feeds themselve dont change often.
And then having WordPress read the OPML?

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Oh no, I didn’t figure anything like that out. I realized the folder only had 4 feeds in it, so I just had WordPress aggregate the feeds individually.

The FreshRSS folder option would’ve been cool, but oh well.

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