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I threw together a app yesterday and figured out how to use git today. It’s a farm management software and I’d like some feed back if someone is interested. Works fine on my 32bit roaring dino lol. I have no idea how to work with ldap or any of that so if somebody has some pointers holller.

It didn’t take too much wizardry on my part. Just swapped some stuff around on a fork of (big thanks btw)

Anyhooo, there it is thanks.


It’s a rather specific use so I’m not sure you will find many testers here :smiley:
But thanks a lot for packing this! It’s great to see apps being packaged on YunoHost for such serious professional use!
It seems that for LDAP (YNH users signed into your system directly) you can work with the Drupal packager as you both use Drupal. There seem to be modules to achieve LDAP authentication on Drupal

yeah it is a pretty specific use case. built it mostly it for myself but thought i’d throw it out there in case it could help someone else. farmers have other things to worry about than server configurations :wink: thankfully it’s my semi-off season and i have some time on my hands.


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