Failed to provision sources

Hi, im trying to install my own app to my yunohost server but i get this error :slightly_frowning_face:

“Failed to provision sources : In resources.sources: it looks like you forgot to define url/sha256 or amd64.url/amd64.sha256”

But this is my resources.sources.main

path = “/home/”
sha256 = “1d35ace293d8850bc951e6c0f681cc92dff30e7045c6ffa9b12aacece24108c4”

(Thread moved to Advanced use case, this is not a tutorial.)

Hello, and welcome!

cf. the documentation about source resources, there is no path key for it. The source must be coming from a url.

What are you trying to achieve, can you share your code repository?

You’re right. i have used url= “github directlink” and thats working now