Fail to install apps packaging environment with virtualbox

Discovering the new ynh doc which is great, it motivated me again to try to package some apps. I was trying to install a development environment but can’t get to somehow. I followed the guide to install on virtualbox, but when I start the VM, after I choose “Graphical install”, the screen remains black with a white underscore blinking at bottom of the screen. Anyone has maybe an idea what could be the problem?

Sometimes a line flashes very fast hardly readable. Making a screencast I managed to read it, it says: Frambuffer not available: disable graphical frontend.

I also tried “Text install”, but same blinking underscore at bottom of screen, and not even a message.

Any idea or suggestion is super welcome :slight_smile:

The best I’ve had is hitting some keys, another message blinking: tail: can't open '/var/log/syslog': No such file or directory.

Followed-up on the chat: apparently this issue appears if you put only 512 MB ram for the virtualbox…

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