Expo Serendiep in Rotterdam, install workshop Sunday September 25th 2022

Hello, 20 until 25 september, Serendiep has it’s expo in Rotterdam.
One of the line-ups (Sunday 25 sep) is about setting up your own server with Yunohost.

See the line-up text:
Most digital tools that are commonly used fall into the category of monitoring software. There are plenty of alternatives that are safe and private but not always easy to install. Yunohost is a user-friendly system that asks you a few questions and automatically installs Linux and various open source packages on your server. Yunohost is an active community of many volunteers, making the hosting of a stable server based on open source software quite do-able for a newby. Important services, such as video conferencing, cloud storage, chat, collaborating in a document, email and social media, and others, can already be installed with a limited basic knowledge after reading the clear tutorials. In this session we will see how you can set up your own server with Yunohost, in order to have (or get) your digital stuff in a privacy-friendly manner and under your own control. Bring your laptop, raspberry pi or access to your VPS.This is a hands-on workshop. Think about what knowledge you can bring with you and what questions you have. If we don’t know something, or when facing hickups, we will fix it together on the spot. Sunday September 25 15:00-15:45, Serendiep theatre, Leuvehaven Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

And sure there is more to visit: See total line-up.

Is their anybody who is interested to visit, or even to help ?

You can sign in here.
If you also want to help, please contact peter.hoksbergen@gmail.com.


Super cool ! Thanks for sharing the event !

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I also find cool, since I belong a part of Holland, so I think I’ll stop by

Finde ich auch cool, da ich ein Teil zu Holland gehöre, so denke ich werde ich mal vorbeischauen

This event took place last September.

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