Experimental dashboard for app maintainers

Hellow !

I would like to introduce a new tool available via dash.yunohost.org which is called the App maintainer dashboard !

The goal of this tool is to be able to have, as a maintainer, a quick summary of the status of apps you maintain (c.f. the ‘maintainer’ field in the manifest), i.e. their states, public level (in community.json), CI level, and number of issues / PR.

For instance, it is meant to make you remember that your app X has been ‘inprogress’ since quite a few time and maybe it should be declared as working :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Or that an app is broken and should be fixed)

Feedback is welcome about what is displayed or about the usefulness (or nonusefulness) of the tool.

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Really interesting and probably useful by the time.
Still, it would be really interesting to have a real link to access each maintainer dashboard. Instead of https://dash.yunohost.org/app_maintainer_dash with a choice box.
Like it currently is, maintainers can’t have a direct bookmark to the info about his apps.

That should be done now, e.g. https://dash.yunohost.org/app_maintainer_dash/alexaubin points directly to my dash, and the url will change automatically in the url bar if you choose somebody else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: