Exclude syncthing data from backups


it seems that the yunohost backup create includes the data from syncthing but there is a huge amount of data. Is it possible to ignore data from this backup ?


Hi @Szdavid welcome back on the forum!

Does the documentation Include or exclude files | Yunohost Documentation answer your question ? According to it you might find it useful to run

BACKUP_CORE_ONLY=1 yunohost backup create --apps syncthing

which should (needs to be tested) only backup the configuration of syncthing, not the data.

Since this might be a pretty common usecase it might be interresting to interact with package maintainers on Issues · YunoHost-Apps/syncthing_ynh · GitHub so that a more configurable option could be provided (for example skipping a large “Share” and including a smaller one)

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