Exclude hook_data_multimedia from backup


Since a recent update (4.3.3), my automatic system backups went from around 100 Mb to 40 Gb !! When I have a closer look, they now contain a hook_data_multimedia option.

  1. What is it supposed to contain ?
  2. Is there any option to exclude that ?


Depends on the apps you have. I’m actually curious, because they should use an option to avoid backing up huge directories.

Yes, .nobackup files: Include or exclude files | Yunohost Documentation

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It’s a rather now feature:

  1. Until recently my automated backups were around 100 Mb, then turned to 41 Gb
  2. There is still no label in the web-admin : only they key is displayed
    hook_data_multimedia (41 GB)

As far as I could see it contains the Yunohost Multimedia directory.

The .nobackup works, but it means that the Nextcloud backup not backup those files. Either you backup them twice (and they are huge) or you don’t backup them.

Other options would be:

  • Manually change Nextcloud Multimedia to a separate directory
  • Have a Yunohost option to chose if you want to backup the multimedia directory along with the system

When you configure your backup (via the webadmin) you can specify if you want to backup the multimedia directory.

However you are right you can’t specify to backup multimedia files from nextcloud but don’t backup multimedia files from another apps…

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