Every time I open Shaarli it sends me back to the dashboard of Yunohost


I installed Shaarli, and the app is acting weirdly, every time I open Shaarli it sends me back directly, or after a little while, back to the dashboard (and the dashboard will freeze, so I can’t click back on any app). Sometimes when I refresh the page it works and then repeats the same thing. I tried to uninstall and install again, but this didn’t solve the issue. Any ideas?

Does it do that when you click on a link (load a new page), refresh the page, do any kind of action in the page, or also when you don’t interact with the page ?
(I’m asking because this reminds me of some behavior in FreshRSS…)

Actually, it’s not automatic, it happens when I make an action (ex. mostly when trying to add a new link but also with other actions), but overall the app is unusable with this error.

Then it really looks like the issue I had (and still have sometimes) with FreshRSS, one every reload, click on a link, action that interact with the servers (and failed) I was redirected to the SSO login page. This made the app almost unusable, it was very painful because any action, would require to login again to make it happens, and some could not be done (the one that doesn’t require to load a new page, just failed).

ping @plopoyop

I have no idea of what’s the source of that issue, but with your experience I wonder if it’s really linked to a particular app (configuration), or something else (browser configuration, fail2ban, … ??).

Could you try on another computer / your mobile phone ? If possible, with another internet connection (in my case, switching to another IP sometimes solves the issue). Does is still happen ?

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