Etckeeper.conf is personalized : tools regen-conf yunohost


My YunoHost server

Hardware: Raspberry Pi at home
YunoHost version:

Description of my issue

The new Diagnosis page tells me that etckeeper.conf might be personalized. As suggested I have run the following commands :

yunohost tools regen-conf yunohost --dry-run --with-diff
yunohost tools regen-conf yunohost --force

Both of them have en empty output. Off course the first one has no effect, but the second one has also no effect on the issued warning. Anything I can do about this ?

By the way, this Diagnosis page is a very good idea :slight_smile: I have several thing to fix (like reverse DNS etc.). I’m now working on it. If I ignore items, is there any way to unignore them later ?

Yes, just click the button ‘Unignore’

Yup, sorry about that, the issue got reported multiple time, still need to fix it but that’s not really worrying, it’s just annoying to have a “false” warning about it.

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I could not find other reports about it.

And before I click on “ignore” I just wanted to make sure a “unignore” will appear somewhere.

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