Error when setting an application as default

Hello, I’m testing yunohost on a Google cloud to confirm that it will work perfectly on my dedicated one, however when installing peertube when setting the error as the default ( Can’t make the app ‘peertube’ the default on the domain is already used by the other app ‘peertube’) does anyone know how to solve?

Il faut, certainement, un domaine ou un sous-domaine dédié à l’application.
La solution est de créer, si possible, un domaine ou un sous-domaine de ton domaine existant, où tu pourras installer Peertube et aucune autre application.

Traduction :
You certainly need a domain or sub-domain dedicated to the application.
The solution is to create, if possible, a domain or sub-domain of your existing domain, where you can install Peertube and no other application.

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