Error when adding domain with Greek script

Hi all,

I tried to add a domain containing Greek letters, got an error:

Error: 500 Internal Server Error
Sorry, the requested URL 'http://xn--mxagcsdpbbro.xn--qxa6a/domains' caused an error:
Internal Server Error

The Greek letters in the domain get conversed to their Latin code-equal, so the name looks a bit strange.

Are non-Latin scripts ‘supposed’ to 'just work’™ ? I am aware there was an issue with diacritics used in user names.

By the way, adding the domain as such does work :slight_smile:

(And Letsencrypt works, and visiting as far as I can tell, it is not the main domain)

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Yes non ascii domain are transformed in punycode to be added in configuration. But you should not have a 500 error. So we need to made more test to fix that.


If it doesn’t slip my mind, I’ll open an issue tomorrow :slight_smile:

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