Error: Unable to upgrade ttrss



Voilà j’ai un VPS avec un Yunohost et plusieurs apps et je viens de faire une mise à jour

tout s’est bien passé sauf pour une app ttrss, l’erreur me parait curieuse et je me demande si cela ne vient pas du script de mise à jour, voilà le message

$ sudo yunohost app upgrade ttrss
Info: Now upgrading app ttrss…
Info: […] > Loading installation settings…
Info: [+…] > Ensuring downward compatibility…
Info: [#++++…] > Backing up the app before upgrading (may take a while)…
Info: /etc/cron.d/ttrss wasn’t deleted because it doesn’t exist.
Info: [#####+++++…] > Upgrading source files…
Warning: Corrupt source
Warning: /usr/share/yunohost/helpers.d/logging: line 90: args_array: readonly variable
Error: Unable to upgrade ttrss
Info: The operation ‘Upgrade ‘ttrss’ application’ has failed! To get help, please share the full log of this operation using the command ‘yunohost log display 20191206-201959-app_upgrade-ttrss --share’
Error: The following apps were not upgraded: ttrss

le message “Corrupt source” me semble un point de départ intéressant mais je ne vois pas comment aller plus loin

merci pour votre aide

Thanks for your report. It has been reported also on the bugtracker here:

Given this official statement (and this commit), the tt-rss maintainer has disabled the way to retrieve tagged archives of tt-rss to only allow pulling master latest sources from git.
So one has to come up with a different way of managing this to enable maintaining this YunoHost package again…

I’m personally considering testing/switching to freshrss which is also stable and actively maintained by the YunoHost community.

I push a PR (, I hope it will fix this issue

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