Error logging in to matrix

I installed synapse a while ago and never took time to make it work. Today doing the setup everything seemed ok, I connected to which asked me some basic setup, then redirected to and I created a user, logged in and all was fine.
But if I log out and try logging in again, I get the following error: synapse Internal server error (M_UNKNOWN).

I realized synapse wasn’t up to date and updated it from admin interface.
But it didn’t correct the problem.
Furthermore now responds 404 (but says everything is ok). Has the matrix default client been removed in the update?

I also tried from riot, and the issue is the same, I can create any user I want, it all works fine, and I can communicate with anyone until I log out. I just can never login again because of this error.

Reinstalling synapse solved the issue :confused: :slight_smile: