Empty Groups page in admin panel

Hi there!

I just migrate from to this morning, then I try to install an app (Zabbix, a monitoring application). The app’s login form didn’t work, so I tried to check the authorizations, but it looks like there’s currently almost nothing on the /yunohost/admin/#/groups page:

That’s a little scary… The same page did work correctly yesterday, so I guess it comes from the last update. Everything else seems to work.

Hmokay, can you check the javascript console with F12 and see if there are some red error messages that could provide clue to what’s happening

Also, does yunohost user permission list returns something ? (No need to share the actual output from now, as it may contain private info such as user names)

Well, I just re-opened the admin panel, and… it’s back. I don’t understand ^^"

I tried to login/logout before posting and it did not change, but now it seems to have solved the issue.

So, sorry for the noise ^^"

Uh curious :thinking:

Maybe a bug similar to what people were reporting about their app list being mysteriously temporarily empty :thinking:

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