Email 'spam' : yunohost dyndns update >> /dev/null

Hello everyone,

I have at least 5 emails per day on my admin email address, with this message and I don’t know

  • what does it mean
  • if I should do something to fix something about my domain name
  • if I can disable this notification

> [Errno 62] took too long to answer, gave up.
> dyndns_could_not_check_available

When I follow the link I have this error message :

> error "Subdomain already taken:"

So far I didn’t notice any issue with my yunohost server, this is just a lot of emails coming everyday :thinking:

My YunoHost configuration

**Hardware : laptop x64 8gb ram
Internet access : ethernet at home


yes, i have the same thing happening on one of my server. Basically it is related to the dyndns update which maintain the binding between your domain and your ip address automagically.

It’s not really super interesting to explain what’s going on, the bottom line is that the way it works technically is a bit too brutal and we should try to make it a bit cleaner … I’ll end up doing this when I’m fed up receiving those email as well :wink: If you want to know more, these issue are related : and

If you really want, you can manually tweak the cron job such that the dyndns update happens every 20 minutes and not 2 minutes for instance.