Email - Multiple aliasses, identities and forwards - suggestions?

Hi all,

I am in the process of migrating my last email address to Yunohost.

This address is used for communication with companies, clubs, official bodies, and other ‘obligatory’ agencies.

Always on the lookout for data leaks, I configure an alias and/or forward per external contact on the server, and a corresponding identity in my mail clients for replying and sending mails out. It involves a small effort for each new contact, but has already helped my isolate a few data breaches and identify ‘behind the scenes’ mergers.

The current hoster has a note-field in the configuration page for mail aliasses, which helps me keep track of which mail belongs to which contact. The webmail there (Squirrelmail) works quite well matching identities to senders.

So far I found two integrated options:

  1. use the regular aliasses in the user’s settings;
  2. add emailpoubelle for managing addresses

While emailpoubelle adds some configuration options to (temporary) disable an alias, it would take over alias management by Yunohost (and I guess it will disable existing aliasses while it is active). Emailpoubelle does not integrate with SSO or Yunohost users, as far as I found out.

Both lack a note field with notes for the aliasses. Emailpoubelle sends an email with an optional comment, but the comments are not (visibly?) stored in the configuration.

I am sure I am not the only one with such a scheme. Please share what you use for this, and whether you have additional tips or suggestions!