Email and multiple domain confusion?


My YunoHost server

Hardware: VPS bought online / Old laptop or computer /Other ARM board / …
YunoHost version: 4.1.7
I have access to my server : Through SSH | through the webadmin | direct access via keyboard / screen |

Hello everyone.

I have a good working server using 1 domain with 4 users, some apps, everyone happy…

I’d like to add another domain, which I have done, and I have added one new user to that domain. I have installed an instance of roundcube mail, the new user can log onto the new domain and open roundcube but we get a port 25 error when sending from the new domain.

Everything works fine on the default domain all the ports are open.

Am I getting confused?

Is mail only allowed on the default domain?

Have I missed something on the setup?

Many thanks and have a good day…


Uuuuh can you provide the exact error message

@Aleks I hang my head in shame… I can’t make it do it now!!! I’m sorry for raising a non-issue but it did happen twice this morning using RoundCube. A very quick message in red popped up bottom right that there was a problem with port 25. Maybe an unrelated issue.

It does work and it works great!

Can I ask one thing? Is it right that if you have two domains, one is the default, when you go to the sign-in screen for the second domain the address in the browser changes to the default domain until you start using the apps that are installed for the new domain?

It just that if I type https://newdomain/yunohost/sso I see all of the apps not only for the new domain but for the default domain. I guess there is no way to have them as two complete separate entities ie domain 1 has its apps and domain 2 has its apps when you sign into them?

Sorry, thanks and good bye :wink:

Eeeeeh yeah the “multi-tenant” thing you’re describing is not properly handled right now, there’s not really any “compartmentalization” between domains. There are some thoughts on this in here

Hopefully at some point we’ll find time to work on it …

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No worries @Aleks… Love it all the same…

I’m all good here.

Have a great day


I think you can make happen what you look for in the black screen with the colourful boxes.

Via the admin interface you can make not only users, also user groups.

Those groups can be given rights to specific apps.

Now if you make a group per domain, and put your users in those groups, you can enable/disable apps on a per-domain basis.

The domain they see when logged into the black screen is still the default domain.

@wbk a great idea… Thanks. I will give that a try…



Hello @wbk

That’s perfect for our needs. Thank you very much. Great


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Thanks for pinging back!

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