ElasticSearch 7, ElasticSearch 8, OpenSearch packaged!


ElasticSearch and OpenSearch are both distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine. You can use them to store, search, and manage data for logs, metrics, search backend, application monitoring, Endpoint security.

Shipped versions

  • ElasticSearch7: 7.17.8~ynh6
  • ElasticSearch8: 8.6.2~ynh1
  • OpenSearch: 2.5.0~ynh2

Use cases

As an end user, you would probably not worry about these packages, unless you worry about the licenses.

As a packager, you would probably like to use one of them if the app requires using an ElasticSearch or an OpenSearch indexer. You may call the ynh_install_app helper.

What are the differences between them

  • OpenSearch is a fork of ElasticSearch7 and share a common API with it;
  • ElasticSearch7 and ElasticSearch8 are SSPL licensed and thus are not totally free/open-source;
  • OpenSearch is a fork initiated by Amazon…

You may also take a look of why ElasticSearch is not totally free/open-source anymore.

Further considerations

I did not package ElasticSearch 7.10, despite being the last ElasticSearch free/open-source version, as the last patch was released 2 years ago, and I am not confident about the security of it at all.


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