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Description of my issue

My server hostaname es server1. in my Reverse DNS , I have sever1.mydomain.com
in my /etc/hosts I have my IP - server1.mydomain.com server1

in my /etc/hostname server1.mydomain.com

Yunohost diagnostcs report error. it want just mydomain.com in reverse DNS setting … I have several servers and always used this setting. server1 it also the machine name(server name) on the provider.
when I check the reverse dns using my IP on mxtoolbox.com and dnschecker.org everything look good.

Hostname: server1.mydomain.com.

@OnTheWeb : why are you jumping in this topic … That’s another issue …

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@OnTheWeb I have split your message into a new thread, please fill in the form I have added in there, and remove the guidelines. Please explain further your issue too, I personnaly did not understand it. Feel free to share your diagnosis log and screenshots.

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