Edit Content-Security-Policy without touching the "/etc/nginx/conf.d/security.conf.inc"


is there a way to allow certain “frame-ancestors” with the “Content-Security-Policy” without doing so in the file “/etc/nginx/conf.d/security.conf.inc”?

I need to allow some specific i-frames from another (sub)domain, and it works adding the line:

more_set_headers "Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors https://sub.domain"

Nevertheless this means, that there is no automatic update of the config file, which only recently led me to a problem with the migration.

Thanks for your ideas!

Best Valentin

I guess you should maybe put this rather in the specific app conf file that you want this to be relevant for

Also only specifying the frame-ancestor bit is probably not what you want as that probably means “No CSP policy of all other aspects”

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