DynDNS with infomaniak


I’m trying to configure the DynDNS on my yunohost server with my registrar (Infomaniak) and everything I try doesn’t seem to work.

I have 2 domain coming to my server.

Infomaniak provides DynDNS with some account key thingy and I use Ddclient on my server to make the connection with it. The IPs seem to update, but yunohost doesn’t keeps up and every change break the DNS (the server mainly lose IPv4).

Is there something to do on yunohost? Or is it something else I do wrong?

No ideas or did I forgot to include more elements to explain the problem?

I’m not sure I understand your problem. When you say that the server loses its IP, what do you have in mind?
Is it the DNS record that doesn’t update with the server’s new IP?

The template (the text you deleted) would help, it contains MANY informations useful.
For example the YunoHost version, the kind of server (VPS rented somewhere ? Computer at home ? if at home, what internet provider ?)

According to this documentation : DNS with a dynamic IP | Yunohost Documentation you can use ddclient, so you could give us the configuration you are using.

Ok so this is a home server.

@rungeard I have 2 domain names that lose every day the ips of my server.
The DNS on my registrar are the right ones but the server still makes error on diagnostic (now on IPv6) with the current value and expected value being the same.

@Mamie indeed ! Mybad!
Yunohost version is
The ddclient config is this:

my_domain1.org, my_domain2.org

edit: maybe related, maybe not, I can’t update yunohost no more since recently (500" Internal Server Error), is yunohost not on bullseye anymore?

Today, unrelated issue, but maybe the root cause of everything? My server lost its IPv4 adress. Why? Don’t know.
Reboot the server doesn’t help.