Dutch Translation

Hey are there Dutch users of Yunohost who would like to join me to translate Yunohost to Dutch?


Hey @dosch,

Would there be an easy way to do that? If so, I suppose I would have some time in the new year :slight_smile:

I have no idea… no one responded.

Maybe @Aleks can show us the way

I know that Signal for example uses Transifex for community translation work. I’m curious what @Aleks says.


Sorry, I saw your thread but assumed you knew what to do… :sweat_smile:
We have a tool for that, Weblate: https://translate.yunohost.org/projects/yunohost

Create an account over there to suggest new translations. :slight_smile: Dutch translation is currently 51% completed.

Thanks for you contribution!


(N.B. : we currently have some periodic issues with our infrastructure such as translate.yunohost.org is down from time to time, we’re working on it to stabilize the whole thing :s )

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