Donation confirmation?


Today I made my second donation to YUNOHOST, which of course I was happy to do. However maybe I’m being paranoid, but there is no confirmation of payment. Sure the donation has left my bank account but you get nothing back from the payment platform or the final payee?

How do I know where my money has gone? A small confirmation that payment has been received might be useful or at the very least polite and may I say grateful.

Just saying.


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I can confirm you we have received your donation of yesterday. However i am not sure about the first one, if you can give us by mp the date and the amount i can say more.

I was not aware our stripe was not sending confirmation, i put this topic on the next contributors meeting.

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Good morning and thank you for your reply. The first donation was last year when I first fell in love with YUNOHOST so i would have to dig out the details. It was the same amount.

Yes I just think that the platform at the very least should just email a confirmation of payment with YUNOHOST mentioned by return. If that could be looked at it would be great.

I’ll wait a while and send another contribution to see if it has been fixed. :wink:

Have a great day and again thanks for your reply. Keep up the great work.


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Thank you! I also had this issue when I donated in January 2022, too. We want to make sure you guys are getting the funds you need :smiley: