[Domoticz] Home automation System

Hi there,
I’m very please to announce that a new version of domoticz for yunohost has been just released! :house_with_garden: :heart_eyes:

This is a full rework of the package, so under the hood, quite a lot of things have changed:

  • all scripts are now working (install, remove, backup, upgrade and change_url)
  • precompiled version are directly downloaded, so no more veeeeery long install time
  • Upstream app update are now available from within the app : you may now access to the last version of domoticz.

Upgrade from the previous package are supported and should work properly, but it still recommended to backup the database prior to proceed to the upgrade.

Upgrade for domoticz itself will be directly managed inside domoticz as the way they deliver their version is not compatible with the upgrade mechanism of Yunohost.

I’m using it myself for a few weeks now and did not perceive any specific bugs. Feel free to log bug on the app issue tracker here.

Please note that domoticz do not have any user management, so it is strongly recommended to install it as a private application.


Hi there,

A new version of the package is now available in testing.
This version allow access to the JSON API of domoticz even if you set the app as private by using following url http://mydomainname.tld/api_/domoticz/json.htm?yourapicommand

You may authorized dedicated IP range and API by modifying the nginx config file as explained in the github readme.

As I tweaked a little bit the nginx config to get this working, I would like to have some feedbacks and/or advices on the subject before releasing it (I’m personnaly using this version for a few weeks without noticing any issue)

I’m also working on actions to set IP and paths from the ynuohost interface, but this not yet ready and will be available only in a second step.
If you wish to install this testing version, please run

sudo yunohost app install https://github.com/Yunohost-Apps/domoticz_ynh/tree/testing

to install or

sudo yunohost app upgrade domoticz -u https://github.com/Yunohost-Apps/domoticz_ynh/tree/testing

to upgrade from previous version.

Hello i’ve installed domoticz. Look great and very easy to configure. Thanks for your developpement.
There is a little problem : i use a sensor connected in my raspberry bus i2c. it’s a “I2C sensor BMP085/180 Temp+Baro”. The device don’t appear. To make it visible i add the group “i2c” to the user domoticz.
usermod -a -G dialout i2c $app

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Thanks for the feedback!
I added it in the scripts, will be available for next upgrade

just make another test with raspberry pi gpio.
Same error can you add domoticz user to group “gpio”.

Should be ok now: I added gpio, dialout and i2c group to domoticz user.

ok thanks