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Hi all,
i briefly checked the forum but couldn’t find any matching thread.

Is there a - more or less - convenient way to change from lets say to

I’m thinking of cancelling one of my domains because the TLD i chose became too expensive, but i have another one ready.

So i’d want to change the yunohost config and userdata to completely forget about the old domain and change to the new one without having to completely reconfigure everything like user accounts or logins, etc…

Is there some migration way for this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Kind of : nowadays many apps support what we call the “change url” feature … You can check this from the webadmin, in Apps, then (any app), there should be a button “change url” or “change path” that allows to move apps to another domain (though you must first create that domain)

Be sure to check on all of your apps that this feature is available before starting the transfer

You may also want to tweak the mail aliases in the user profiles to move them to the new domain

Then, simply define the new domain as the main domain (in Domains > > make the domain the default one) and remove the old one