Domain access does not work with leading www


i’m facing problems with accessing my wordpress website running on yunohost. i pointed my domain to my (static) ip and it runs without any issues if i type in the browser. but if i type it shows a connection error or a security issue.

do you have any hints to fix this?

People think “www.domain.tld” should magically work but it’s just a regular subdomain like “whaterver.domain.tld” where “whatever=www” …

If you want it to redirect to domain.tld, you can a) add the domain www.domain.tld in yunohost b) install the redirect app on www.domain.tld and configure it with a redirection to domain.tld

thanks for your reply! at least i didn’t expect to work magically by its own. :smiley:

my setting is: i run a wordpress websit on domain.tld/s and want it to be accessible from www.domain.tld and domain.tld

in detail, these are the difficulties i face in the solutions i already tried:

a) when i add a redirector in dns entries (www.domain.tld → domain.tld) i always get a timeout, no matter if i choose masked/unmasked/permanent

b) when i add an A-record like with domain.tld i do not end up on my blog, but on the admin-panel of yunohost

c) when i add a cname with the subdomain www it will be redirected to www.domain.tld i also added in yunohost. so that works - BUT: my website is installed on domain.tld/s so if go on www.domain.tld i also end up in the admin panel of yunohost. how can i get a forward in yunohost from www.domain.tld to domain.tld/s. because otherwise i would have to have two installations - one on domain.tld/s and one on www.domain.tld.

so, i’m kind of clueless…

ok, so i just didn’t get the fact, that there is a redirection app on yunohost. i am trying this now, this should work.

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