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Hardware: Raspberry Pi at home
YunoHost version:
I have access to my server : Through SSH | through the webadmin
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Description of my issue

Hi there,

I installed Dolibarr through ssh:

sudo yunohost app install dolibarr

Everything seems to go well during installation process, except for this message, after step 5:

Info: [###################.] > configuring ldap
Warning: [WARN] ldap user update ended with error

Anyway, I’m able to access to the configuration page once the install is over, but during the configuration, I’m redirected to https://MYDOMAIN/dolibarrinstall/index.php, where I get a message saying:

The application tried to self-upgrade, but the install/upgrade pages have been disabled for security (by the existence of a lock file install.lock in the dolibarr documents directory).
Click on the following link. If you always see this same page, you must remove/rename the file install.lock in the documents directory.
Click here to go to your application

… I delete the install.lock file…

sudo rm /var/www/dolibarr/documents/install.lock

And I go through the upgrade process (since I don’t have any other choice)… when the migration is finished, I’m still redirected to the install/upgrade page https://MYDOMAIN/dolibarr/install/index.php, and the install.lock file is back…

Is there anyway to disable the self-upgrade process or to step the redirection?


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