Doing weird things to Yunohost... Anybody?



I am in Poland, trying to make Yunohost popular as a platform for various social activities. I am not an IT pro, rather a weathered user who learns by doing, but often lacks time. So, I am looking for people who may have some experience to share, for example:

  • How to set up an isolated (portable) Ynh instance (HW, say, being a RasPi + minirouter/AP + SSD storage) to create an intranet in the middle of nowhere (no uplink ofc).
  • How to add Freenet, I2P or .onion addressing to the batch?
  • How to set up a remote killswitch for a server to shut it down or at least unmount a LUKS-encrypted storage?

If somebody can help me with such stuff, I will be really obliged. We lack tech people here in Poland (at least in my “bubble”) and the times are getting harder for grassroot communities. So.


The could do that. You need to connect it to internet every 3 months to renew Let’s Encrypt certificate if you want no tls error message for users.

It’s a difficult question. Here is a tuto for .onion. BUT this tuto is dangerous, some things in yunohost could deanonymize the .onion domain… YunoHost • index . About I2P, Freenet, i have no answers.

You can shut down your server from webadmin or ssh.
To unmount an encrypted volume, its only possible via ssh and umount command.