Does YNH_synapse contact external domains?

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Hi there,
I’m interested in setting up a Matrix/Synapse server just for my family, so I don’t need it to federate, but I do want to make sure that no data/metadata is being sent anywhere other than my server and my family’s Matrix clients. The plan is to use the FDroid version of Element to avoid Google FCM. I had heard concerns about default Synapse sending data home to and

Does Synapse installed via Yunohost send data anywhere else other than the homeserver (assuming that all users contacts are also only on the homeserver)? Is there any external identity or notification server being used? If so, can they be altered in the configs?

Synapse for YunoHost uses its default-ish configuration hence yes, it will try to federate and use their identity server.

Yes, but there is no setting handled by YunoHost specifically. You can refer to their repository (Correct way to completely disable federation ? · Issue #6395 · matrix-org/synapse · GitHub and related issues) and documentation to find what to do. The configuration file is /etc/matrix-synapse/homeserver.yaml

You can close the relevant port on the firewall 8448 and be set. No federation this way.

Wouldn’t that only prevent external data coming in to my server, rather than prevent anything going out?

How do you expect to communicate with other people in your homeserver if nothing comes out? I don’t get your point… :man_shrugging:

I’m fine with the server contacting the clients and the clients contacting the server. I just don’t want metadata and analytics going to other servers such as This is a private service for my family to talk to each other. No one else should have to be involved in that but us and our ISP’s. Blocking the port would stop vector sending information to my server, but it doesn’t stop Matrix sending metadata to

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