Docs search is broken

I would like to search the docs with “hostname”… The “Adcanced search” with the String “hostename” has 0 hits… But search by “hostnam” has 7 hits:

Same with the normal search: But this is also broken, because the user didn’t see anything!

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Sharp eyes for spotting the difference :slight_smile: It seems not to work with a number of keywords. I see the same behaviour with host (… hosts… is mentioned in the results) vs hosts (0 results)

Perhaps some normalizing grammar check, that is not suited for IT applications? hostname could be seen as a typo for host name which does give results as well.

Sometimes my incomplete search strings get abbreviated to another word that is contained in the search term.

I guess it’s a matter of configuration, or an upstream bug. The page has Grav in the footer, but I didn’t see a search bar on the Grav-website.

Findings to be added to Improve searching the documentation · Issue #1949 · YunoHost/issues · GitHub.

It’s definitely related to the search plugin we use : GitHub - trilbymedia/grav-plugin-tntsearch: Powerful indexed-based full text search engine powered by the TNTSearch library

Issue With update to Grav 1.7.22, TNTSearch now appears to fail when you type in an entire word/string · Issue #121 · trilbymedia/grav-plugin-tntsearch · GitHub may be a good lead… Let’s disable stemmer and re-index… and fixed! … I think? :innocent:
… and I discover they changed their search plugin to promote a paid one… :confused:

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