Do we need to enable non-free-firmware in sources?

The Debian project has taken the decision in 2022-10 to create a new repository component non-free-firmware, and include its content on installation media for the upcoming Debian release bookworm to make things easier for our users.

So what’s your point …?

Activate this component in iso could help with ethernet cards that need proprietary drivers.

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no point, the question: We we need to enable non-free-firmware in sources?

if you’re using an ethernet cable, no need for non-free on your repo. If you’re connecting via wifi then yes.

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I disagree with you, i already meet several machines that need ethernet proprietary driver :

  • 1 computer (acute angle)
  • 1 laptop (don’t remember the model)
  • 1 server (Dell PowerEdge R710)
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It’s partially true, because it depends on hardware. But those are exceptions not the rule