Dnsmasq for subdomain on a different server


Hi there,

I have this trouble where I use a domain.com on my server S1, and a sub.domain.com on another server S2. Both are declared at mi registrar with A and AAAA fields, But yunohost on S1 is replying to dns requests about sub.domain.com with the S1 IP.

Is this a tricky corner case not worth the case of addressing by ynh ? Or is there a trouble in my config ? I found about it after a migration but I presume it must be there from the start (I run ynh’last version on both servers).

In the meantime I’ll stick to IP addresses, but I wanted to open the subject here. Thanks for any input !

Hmyeah it’s the “expected” behavior and it’s somewhat useful though I understand why in your case that may be problematic … not sure what’s the right way to address this … it kind of depends on why exactly you’d need the subdomain to be resolved correctly from your server

Okay, thanks for your quick reply. I agree that this is a “good” behavior in the context of Ynh, so no need to change anything, I was just looking for clarification.

For context: I do backups with distant borgbackup repos, and in my scripts I use domain names in the repo vars. Will switch to IP for now.

You may be able to tweak this using /etc/hosts though. (Imho this should be a better solution than hardcoding IPs)

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