DNS server info? (Not records, server)


I’m trying to set up my first Yunohost server on a Raspberry Pi, behind an internet box (Freebox mini 4K). So far so good, it’s up and running and I’m glad to be finally able to run my own server \o/, but I’m having an issue with the DNS settings:

I already have a domain name associated with a wordpress and a couple of other apps, hosted by o2switch. I’ve renewed the domain name and I’ll keep them as registrar, but all the content will be migrated to the yunohost server.

o2switch said they need the DNS server information: I thought they were talking about the DNS records and sent them the standard DNS records text file proposed in the admin. But they refused it and say “we don’t need the DNS records, we need the DNS server info”.

It’s odd, isn’t it? Where can I find this information?

Thanks a lot for your help!


I explained them I was not moving my data to a commercial hosting but to a personal server behind a box. They answered that I couldn’t redirect, and that I should open an account on something like Cloudflare to get a free DNS zone, and then o2switch would redirect the DNS to Cloudflare, and Cloudflare to Yunohost.

Weird. What do you think about it?

Thanks again for your insight!

It’s very strange.

It’s like if they had not user interface to edit DNS entries for your domain, so they ask you to give them an authoritative DNS server.

If that’s the explanation, you can ask for portability of your domain name and change of registrar. OR you can give them a DNS server as they ask you for. It’s possible to transform your dnsmasq service of your yunohost server into an authoritative server (but if your server is down, email server will trash email because they don’t find anymore your IP).I think you just need to open your 53 port. But i don’t know exactly the risk about security if you do this. SO the first solution seems better.

About the redirection and cloudflare, You should be able to redirect your port from the Freebox (but you could not if you have not a dedidacte public IP on your box). I think they don’t know so much about self-hosting.

If they have a user interface to edit DNS entries, you should be able to change it yourself.

Yep, thanks for the answer @ljf. That’s what I suspected. I’m gonna ask for portability (hoping that they won’t charge it as I just renewed the domain name throught them :/).

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