Dns configuration alwaysdata hosting Yunohost or is there any free domain hosting website

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My YunoHost server

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Description of my issue

my admin panel and users interface are working but it’s locally from my computer. actually i installed yunohost in my rasberrrypi4. i am using domain name like yunohost example tet.nohost.st. My question is that how can this domain work from remote computer or i mean in hosting online … is there any free domain hosting platform ? also Dns-configuration is quiet challenge from my side. which platform is well suited for Yunohost?

Any recommendation for hosting domain name online freely for yunohost ? how to configuration dns-config ? thanks 

Well I don’t know, it’s not clear what problem you’re encountering … Did you follow the documentation … Did you open the diagnosis screen …

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yeah but my questions is that is there any free hosting domain name? the document mentioned as gandi n godaddy. these are not free…

Yes, the noho.st domains are free…

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but it didnt work remote network… it works only local network… that’s why

Sounds like maybe you didn’t forward the correct ports.

Did you forward ports from your router?

Need to have open ports on your router, and on the yunohost firewall.

Check the admin page of your router…usually or Check internet for your router model if you can’t find it. Port forward port 80 and 443 to your local IP address of your yunohost server.

Depending on the apps you are running, you might need other ports open, but 80 and 443 will get your server accessible via the web for now.

If you really want to use another dynamic DNS provider other than the built in noho.st ones, then you can look at this https://www.duckdns.org/....but it’s way easier to just use the built-in noho.st ones.

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