DNS conf, but where?

I have a domain registered on whois. My original goal was to put peertube on a subdomain of the site. I have been able to install yunohost and peertube.

On a rented VPS, I’m installing Debian 10. Then using putty I’m updating the curl commands sufficient to install yunohost. Then, I’m installing peertube. I know how to install yunohost to a subdomain and I know how to install peertube to a subdomain and I know how to find what the DNS config file should look like once that’s done. But, I have no idea where this file is to be edited.

I can log onto the site via ftp and edit any of the files that way. I would love help in identifying which files I need to update. I’m putting this in general questions because it is initial install related and none of the manuals / faqs I’ve been able to find show exactly how to do it. I can’t be the only one with this issue.

Thanks for reading this far. Thanks for any help you can offer.

DNS records need to be set in the web interface of the service you used to buy your domain name. To change them, you will need to go there.

I don’t see anything like the info I’m supposed to update anywhere in my whois acct. In case I’m not being clear enough, I’m trying to accomplish this for several subdomains: DNS zone configuration | Yunohost Documentation

Thanks for the reply. But, I don’t think it is the solution I’m looking for.

Jules is right and the documentation is clear:

If you’re using your own domain name (e.g. bought via a registrar), you should manually configure your domain on your registrar’s interface.

The recommended configuration shown in the code block in the documenation would surely work if your registrar allows text mode configuration (basically, copy and paste the whole block). If not, you need to configure it line by line with its web interface.

We do not have screenshots of WHOIS’ interface, but have a look to their documentation : Managing DNS Resource Records | KnowledgeBase , paragraph “To Manage Resource Records”.

Thanks titus and Jules. I found it. On whois, the link is all the way at the bottom of the manage domains page and only becomes active once you click on it the first time. Thanks again.

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