Django Find My Device

I’m working on a Server for the Android App “Find My Device”

This server must be installed on a domain root.


So path must be \

How to setup this?
Is there a other app, that only work on the domain root? So i can look at this manifest file?

I would suggest to:

  1. In the manifest, remove the path key
  2. In the manifest, put a help key to the domain one, explaining that the app needs its own domain (it’s straightforward with the webadmin, but one would discover it a bit too late with the CLI)
  3. In the install script, put path=/
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Now i see, that it works under a path, too. Because the “FMDServer URL” settings in the Android App also accept a URI with a path component and it seems to work. That’s great, because it’s easier to test, for me :wink:

Unfortunately, I have already forgotten it again: Does someone have to activate something for the CI process to run?

Manually run looks ok:


Think the result “Global level for this application: 0 (Broken)” is because it’s not added to catalog?
But it was added by Add "django-find-my-device" by jedie · Pull Request #1475 · YunoHost/apps · GitHub 3 days ago.

The page App packaging | Yunohost Documentation seems to be still outdated.

EDIT: I set state to “working” with set "django find my device" to "working" state by jedie · Pull Request #1476 · YunoHost/apps · GitHub (Maybe this is the missed part?)

The apps’ levels are updated every Fridays. For the apps to be processed, they need to be in the catalog and set as working.

I have restarted your app job on the main CI: YunoRunner for CI

We will update the catalog once it’s done: Update app's level by yalh76 · Pull Request #1477 · YunoHost/apps · GitHub

I think the issue lies with django-fmd and django-find-my-device not being the same string.