[Discourse] Login Problem after restore a backup

Just successfully restored a discourse backup based on a yunohost server. (Both instances base on the same yunohost and discourse versions)

Content is visible, though login is not possible: User is not activated.

Anyone an Idea what I could do?

Update: User login works, admin-user login is not accepted: User is not activated and email notifications are globally deactivated it says.

What’s “it” …

“it” says “outgoing email is globally deactivated”

Is it possible to activate the admin user via cli?
Looking for a solution I found the idea to enter the docker image, then it would be possible. I’ve never touched anything like docker though. But does yunohost use docker at all or is this discourse installation not a docker one? (official discourse software is only available as docker image, but maybe yunohost compiles it itself and the yunohost discourse app is not a docker instance)

Update: Restoring on a non-digitalocean yunohost instance of discourse worked fine.

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